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June 2018 Wrap Up

June Wrap Up

I’m writing this blog post today in a very good reading mood, which seemed far away at the beginning of the month. I’ve been reading two books on and off since May that didn’t really hold my interest and the last book in Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series, Calamity, wasn’t my favourite either. But then I stumbled upon two books from very different genres, which helped me get back into reading with their own respective way.

The first was The Vegetarian by Han Kang, a rather short fiction novel of which I read very few throughout the year. I was aware beforehand that I would either really enjoy it or not due to Goodreads reviews. And, what can I say, I really loved it and I will be posting a full review soon!

The other book was Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold by Jon Hollins, a light and fluffy fantasy book with the right amount of humor sprinkled in. Even though I reas the German version with over 600 pages, it was a relatively fast read.

Another thing I want to mention here is an amazing matching service for reviewers and indie authors called TBRindr, which is hosted by Esmerelda Weatherwax over on her blog The Weatherwax Report. It’s such a great way for reviewers to find a new favourite book and support indie authors by posting their reviews online, which in turn is a great chance for indie authors to get more reach.

And finally, here are the books I managed to finish in June:


CalamityCalamity – Brandon Sanderson (3/5 Stars)

This final book in the Reckoners series was sadly rather disappointing for me. I loved the second book Firefight because it expanded the world and developed the characters even further. Calamity just felt like a step back for me and I think the ending could have been much grander and more epic, which is normally Sanderson’s strength.


Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake (2.5/5 Stars) Anna Dressed in Blood

This was one of those fun, fast reads that entertain you while reading, but that you forget about the instance you turn the last page. At least that’s how I felt about Anna dressed in Blood, a surprisingly brutal story which I’m not sure can still be classified as YA. A ghost story with the almost inevitable love-story, this book would be the perfect read for the chilly autumn nights and, of course, for Halloween. If you don’t mind very stereotypical side characters, that is.


The VegetarianThe Vegetarian – Han Kang (4/5 Stars)

As mentioned above, I fell in love with the way Kang portrays certain topics such as convenience marriage, mental health issues and the social status of women. The book is split in three parts and each part tells the progressing story from another character’s point of view. The story is told in a rather bizarre way that won’t be for everybody as the reviews I’ve read reflect perfectly. But if you are willing to let yourself be immersed into a story that adresses very important social issues in a blunt but bizarre way, you should definitely try The Vegetarian.


The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold – Jon Hollins (3.5/5)Dragon Lords

Another fast and fun read! I expected nothing going into this book and got everything out of it. We follow a ragtag group of people that couldn’t be more different, but together want to accomplish one goal: stealing gold from a mighty dragon overlord ruling over a section of the country. And as if that’s not enough, soon all the dragons living in this country get involved and the group has to face the consequences of their not always planned actions.


Wall of StormsThe Wall of Storms – Ken Liu (5/5 Stars)

It took me forever to finish the sequel to Grace of Kings, but it was so worth the time! With over 800 pages, this book is far from short and certain parts felt rather stretched for me, but Liu extends his asian-inspired fantasy world with this sequel so much further and even manages to discuss topics such as education, language and philosophy. Also, the story ended on a very high note and made me even more excited for the next book.

Those are the five books I managed to finish in June and I’m very pleased with myself. I also finished a fantasy standalone by German author Markus Heitz called Die Klinge des Schicksals, which translates into Destiny’s Blade. I’m a huge fan of Heitz ever since I read his The Dwarves series and his books are among the very few that I still read in German. I gave this book 4/5 Stars.

What was the best book you read in June and have you read any of the ones mentioned above?

Until next time

Nadine x






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