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September 2018 Wrap Up

September Wrap Up


Finally, it’s fall! I can’t wait to snuggle up with a big blanket, drink a lot of hot tea and pick up lots of (hopefully) good books! It’s also the perfect time to finally catch up on some reviews from August I still need and want to write. Aside from the physical books I read in September, I also managed to almost finish the audiobook for Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. The authentic narration made the experience even better and I love the setting, but you can defininitely tell it’s a first book in a series and I don’t like the romance (what’s new!). Here are the other physical books I managed to complete this month:


Spinning SilverSpinning Silver – Naomi Novik (3.5/5)

I wasn’t a fan of Uprooted, Novik’s first fairy tail retelling, but the synopsis of Spinning Silver made me pick it up nonetheless. And I have to say, I liked it a lot more than Uprooted, mainly due to the lack of romance. The setting and the story reminded me a lot of The Bear and the Nightingale which I absolutely loved! However, I didn’t get along with the writing style at all and this killed the atmosphere for me. You can find my spoiler-free review here.


Foundryside (4.5/5 Stars)Foundryside

This was one of the rare occasions where I bought the book and read it immediately! I heard so many good things about Foundryside and especially the comparison to Brandon Sanderson’s books had me hooked. This book is perfect for fans of complex magic systems with distinct rules, great action scenes and a main character to root for! You can find my spoiler-free review here.


The King's PeaceThe King’s Peace (2/5 Stars)

I read this book as part of the TBRindr project. The story is centered around a thief that is blackmailed into journeying across the land to find out what happened to the southern garrison. In my opinion, the books still needs some edits here and there and the story itself was filled to the brim with various creatures and plot points despite it’s rather short length. My full review will be up soon.


The Black Prism (4/5 Stars)The Black Prism

I finally managed to pick up this series! I’ve heard so many great things about the story and especially about the magic system, which I can wholeheartedly confirm! Despite being a first book in a series with a lot of world building and explanations, it never got tiresome to learn about the colour-based magic. There’s so much more to explore in the following books and I’m sure I won’t wait too long to pick up The Blinding Knife. The ony thing that didn’t sit well with me was the way the main character fat-shamed himself constantly and his needless observations of women’s body parts, even in the most dangerous and severe situations. You can find my spoiler-free review here.


Did you read any of the books and what was your opinion on them? What did you read in September? Let me know!



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